You don't know what you don't know.

Did you know that until 1981 there were no anatomically correct images of the clitoris available?

In fact, just within the past few years, a friend of mine studying nursing related that their professor declined to discuss the clitoris as part of the reproductive anatomy. When questioned, he declared that the clitoris has nothing to do with reproduction and is therefore irrelevant.

Please believe me - your clitoris is anything but irrelevant when it comes to experiencing pleasure, but that is not something that is often taught. In fact, most education we receive about sexuality and our bodies is focused on pregnancy and STI prevention, and doesn't speak to pleasure at all.

Let me help you fill in the gaps of any sexual education you might have received, with a focus on how to receive pleasure.

Trauma and shame stifle pleasure.

Your sexual story begins when you are very young, but you are rarely encouraged to dwell on it, let alone share it. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Many of us are shamed into hiding this rich history from even ourselves.

But your sexual story is vital. It's woven into the fabric of your life, and deserves to be discovered and acknowledged. Doing so within a brave space that allows you to mourn or celebrate your stories helps you shed shame and embrace the experiences that have made you who you are.

Your story is integral to who you are and how you move in the world. Understanding your sexual story, and how it relates to your larger life story, is a brave undertaking that can reap rewards in all areas of your life but, especially, in how you experience pleasure. Let me show you how to embark on that journey of introspection.

Come explore with me. 

The workshops I lead help you educate yourself, look within to work through roadblocks, and explore new techniques for experiencing pleasure. Curious what these workshops are like?

Imagine yourself surrounded by acceptance.

The body that you poke and prod in the mirror, wishing it was slightly more this and a lot less that? That body is appreciated.

That story that you've never told anyone because you're afraid of what it says about you? That story is applauded.

That secret fear that you're too much, or not enough? That fear is absolved.

That desire that you've had for a deeper understanding of yourself and you sexuality? That desire is affirmed.

That longing for connection with others like you? That longing is appeased.

That's what I experience. You can, too.


I'm Jennifer Rahner

I embarked on my own journey of self-exploration several years ago and now, drawing on all I've learned, I want to help guide you through yours.

Under the tutelage of Betty DodsonCarlin RossBarbara CarellasReid MihalkoCathy from the Intimacy DojoDr. Juliana Hauser, the Sexual Health Alliance, and many others, as well as through extensive re-education on sexuality, I've come to believe that three things are vital to working through the issues that hold you back from experiencing all the pleasure you deserve - education, introspection, and exploration.

My mission is to guide, inspire, and facilitate introspection, healing, and exploration through energetic, sensual, and joyous experiences.

Find out much more about me here.

2 Blave LLC Founder

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Pleasure isn't simply about orgasm.  An orgasm is certainly one way to experience pleasure and if you've never experienced one, I can help.  

You can experience pleasure in the simplest things, and live your life in pleasure.  I can teach you to love the skin you're in, shed the shame our culture has imposed upon us, create pleasure practices you'll consistently use to improve your life in and out of the bedroom.

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July 8-13 - Touch & Play, Western MA

July 16 - Designer Relationships Workshop

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What people are saying 

Jennifer is one of the most authentic, kind, and compassionate people I have ever met.  She expanded my mind to options I never even realized were possibilities.  She has extensive knowledge and experience but is grounded and approachable.  She challenged me to be a better writer, a better business woman, and a better sex geek.  You are in the best of hands when you work with and learn from Jennifer!

Anna Beeman

Peer Counselor &
Relationship Wizard

I hosted Sean and Jenn in the fall of 2017 as guest teachers for an interactive lecture about consent. Working with them was very easy. Jenn responded quickly with all the material I asked for starting with lecture description followed by pictures to use for promotion. The night of the event both Jenn and Sean were totally on their game, arriving early, greeting guests as they arrived and exuding friendliness. During the presentation they demonstrated intimate understanding of the material covered and taught in an interactive way that kept the attendees involved. I hope that I get to work with them again! I would recommend you work with Jenn and Sean as presenters and/or facilitators for any of their areas of expertise if you are looking for professional, dependable and reliable sex positive educators.

Nikki Lundberg

Speaker, Author, and Sexpert

Before REVEALED, I thought my experiences meant I was damaged. Working with Jennifer helped me realize that not only am I not damaged, I am healthy and empowered. What stood out was the manner in which she held space - she set folks on a path, but did not choose their destination.
What I think is unique is that she facilitated self discovery vs talking about it.

Biggest strength: bravery

Lisa B.

REVEALED & Bodysex client