Ceremonies as unique as you

You are eclectic. Unique. You dance to the beat of your own drummer, and you've found that special someone whose music meshes with your own internal rhythms. Someone proposed, someone said yes and now you are planning the first 'official' day of your lives together.

I can help.

I plan and perform civil, spiritual, theme and outrageous wedding and commitment ceremonies which are customized and crafted to reflect your personalities and relationship.

Plan the Ceremony of your Dreams


White dresses and tuxes, with pomp and circumstance


Honor your different spiritual path as well as the things you share


In the mountains, on a beach or in the backyard with just a few of your closest family & friends


Reflect diversity and cultural traditions


Celebrate a shared interest like activism, community theatre, alternative love-styles, kink


Somewhere you've already made a memory, or want to make a new one


Spotlit on the jumbotron as you exchange vows at your favorite sporting event


I am a sex educator - Let's marry you where you like to get sexy!  Strip club, play space, etc.

Your wedding ceremony should be a reflection of Who you Are
I am dedicated to making sure That it is

The Process


Because I do not discriminate I do not have any prerequisites for working together; therefore, a first meeting is not required. Most people, however, do want to meet before making a commitment to work together. It's important that we both feel comfortable with the ensuing plans, so I offer a complimentary, no-obligation consultation. It is strictly to get more information about each other and make sure that I can fulfill your desires. This meeting can be in person or via Zoom, which is especially helpful for very busy couples and those who live outside of the Pioneer Valley. The location of an in-person meeting can be determined by our schedules and distance.

Drafts & Editing

At this point, after talking with you a bit and receiving your questionnaire, I'm ready to create and present you with a first draft. All editing can be done electronically , and each time edits are made, I will send you another draft copy. Once the ceremony is approved, we will add staging elements when appropriate, and send you the final version prior to your rehearsal.


No, I don't mean that I want to come to Paris with you (though Iwouldn't turn down the offer!). I mean that I perform many other types of rites, rituals and ceremonies, and would be happy to continue working with you throughout your relationship. I love to celebrate the milestones in your life, and my greatest hope is that our relationship to you becomes more than business, but rather a lasting friendship!


Once we have decided to work together, we enter into a contract to insure that there are no misunderstandings about the services promised and provided to you. I will draft a contract and send it to your for your feedback and, ultimately, approval.

I must also receive a deposit of half of the agreed fee in order to reserve your date. Upon receiving your deposit, your date will be held in our calendar and we will get to work on your customized service.  The remainder of the fee is due by the start of your ceremony.


While some very simple ceremonies will not require a rehearsal, I strongly urge you to consider one if we've worked hard on creating a custom ceremony with multiple elements. I can usually ascertain the types of weddings that should be rehearsed at our initial meeting, and the rehearsal will be included in our contract and fee. I am the 'ring-master' of the ceremony portion of your event, and will coordinate with all participants including family, the wedding party and site staff to insure your ceremony goes off without a hitch on your wedding day.


Because I work with many different kinds of people, ranging from traditional to very eclectic, I must spend some time discovering who you are, how you came to love one another and what you envision for your wedding day. While we can perform a standard ceremony based on our samples (click here for a simple and here for an eclectic example), I much prefer to craft a custom ceremony.

I have designed a questionnaire that will help you think about various elements of your ceremony as well as give us vital information to perform it according to your wishes. You may have already thought about some of the questions, and others will get your creative juices flowing. This questionnaire is not a quiz. There are no right answers, only responses that fine tune what will be right for you on your wedding day.


Of course, I will be there on the day of your wedding to perform the ceremony! My job is to make sure that everything regarding the ceremony runs smoothly. Some people are nervous or emotional and may need some help getting through the ceremony. We are there to guide you through it, and prompt you if you get lost. In my opinion, my most important job is to help hold the space for your magical event to unfold the way you want it!


  • Your Ceremony

  • Legal Issues

  • Officiant

  • Other Questions

Q: What is the difference between a marriage ceremony, an affirmation of love or renewal of vows, and a commitment ceremony?

A: If you stumbled into any one of these ceremonies without knowing anyone in the room, it is very unlikely you’d be able to tell the difference right away! All of these types of ceremonies are similar in that they are used to express love and commitment to another.

A marriage ceremony is performed in concert with obtaining a marriage license, providing a legal component to the ceremony. It is done when participants seek to become legally wed.

Ceremonies to affirm love or renew vows are not legal ceremonies. They are typically done at special anniversaries or when a couple reunites after a separation, but we believe that any time is a good time to re-affirm your love and commitment. These services can be even more emotional and touching than the initial wedding, as there is more of a life and love story to tell with plenty of memories to share.

A commitment ceremony is also a term for a ceremony that does not have a legal component.  

Q: We were married in a small civil ceremony at the County Courthouse and no one knows. Can we get married again in a ceremony with our friends and family?

A: Of course! The only thing that changes is the filing of any paperwork as you would have taken care of that the first time around. It would be up to you as to how to present the ceremony to your friends and family. We perform the ceremony as an officiant the same as we would any couple. Most call this a "re-commitment" ceremony but no one needs to know if you don't want them to.

Q: What will the ceremony be like?

A: We are pleased to perform the kind of ceremony you want, from non-denominational with traditional religious or spiritual references to no religious reference at all! Your ceremony is a reflection of you, so we are happy to include anything you can dream of from the usual (unity candles, romantic readings) to the unique (dressed as the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland sitting on a mushroom). Just remember, it's your special day and the ceremony should reflect your personalities. I am happy to do theme weddings or unusual locations and outrageous requests. More information on the process of creating your custom ceremony is above.

Q: Can we write our own vows?

A: Yes and we encourage it. You may have as little or as much control as you’d like over the content of the entire ceremony, actually. We provide customized ceremony writing, but we still encourage couples to take the opportunity to compose and read personal vows to each other. More information on the process of creating your custom ceremony is above. 

Q: Do you participate in the rehearsal?

A: A rehearsal is wonderful idea, and ensures that everyone is prepared and ready for your big day.  We include rehearsals in all custom ceremonies we contract to perform as part of our services.  If you've selected our standard ceremony, we can add a rehearsal for an additional fee.


Fees start at $375 and can range upward of $1000, varying on a case by case basis. Since my services are highly customized, it is nearly impossible to account for every situation via package prices. Our initial consultation is always at no cost or obligation. You can review the process for a customized wedding ceremony above.

I love the work of crafting memorable moments for you. Please don't hesitate to contact me for an initial consultation at no-obligation to you and, if you have budget concerns, please share them with me. We will detail the services we can provide at a fair price to help you make your day magical.

Standard Ceremony

My standard ceremony is a secular celebration of marriage.  If you have less than 3 weeks until your wedding, I'll recommend that you opt for the standard ceremony rather than a custom one.  You can still add readings, songs, personal vows, or other personalized touches to the standard ceremony.  Standard ceremonies are a flat $375 plus any travel expenses outside 30 minutes travel time of Springfield, Massachusetts.

Custom Ceremony

Custom ceremonies are as unique as you are!  Rates begin at $675 plus any travel expenses outside 30 minutes travel time of Springfield, Massachusetts.

Each custom ceremony includes:

  • a questionnaire process that enables me to understand your ideas for your ceremony as well as a bit about your personalities and your life and love stories
  • personalized resources and guides to help you participate in crafting your service
  • meeting, in person when at all possible, to begin crafting your ceremony
  • edits and changes to your service
  • approval of the final draft of the ceremony, including any staging direction
  • unlimited consultation by phone, text, or email regarding your ceremony
  • coordination with all ceremony participants including friends, family, the wedding party, site staff and other event service providers; in advance of the wedding when necessary, and certainly on your big day
  • a full rehearsal, on-site when possible and typically the day before (optional, but typically included in custom package pricing
  • our time and attention on your wedding day, beginning at least an hour before your ceremony and lasting until our contracted obligations are met or exceeded
  • the performance of your service, of course!
  • a decorative marriage certificate and keepsake copy of your ceremony
  • I've been known to include other services as well, according to the wishes of those I've assisted. For example, I've created custom wedding invitations for a few couples, based on their theme, and made another officiants costume when he needed to be a caterpillar to wed the King and Queen of Hearts at an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding.  Just ask if you want something unique!

Please click here for more information on the entire process of planning and performing your ceremony, or email us to set up your consultation.

About the Officiant


I'm  Jennifer

I love celebrating love!

I'm an Ordained Minister of American Marriage Ministries, a Certified Sexologist and Certified Sexuality Educator.  What this means for you is that our relationship doesn't have to end after your wedding day.  I'm also available for Premarital Relationship Coaching and Sex Coaching throughout your relationship.

Personally, I'm queer and polyamorous, so I'm welcoming and affirming of all relationships and relationship styles.  Whether you're seeking a more traditional wedding ceremony or something rather eclectic or unique, I can help!

To get started, fill out our interest form here.